We have supported the growth of developing countries for more than 4 decades since 1975 when Overseas Business Division was established in the CTI Group.
We have enjoyed a good reputation and confidence from home and abroad for our successful achievement in providing a diversity of consulting services for infrastructure projects in the developing countries in Asia, Africa, Middle and South America and others. Our services cover all the stages from project finding and formulation to research/study, planning, designing, and construction supervision together with capacity development for the counterparts.
We have engaged in the engineering sectors of water resources management, sewage and drainage, disaster management and others since our establishment, and nowadays our competitive engineering coverage has expanded to eight sectors including the road/bridge/traffic sector especially strengthened for this decade, and the energy sector newly deployed recently.
In line with the growth of CTI Group, we, as multidiscipline ODA consultants, have been providing high-quality professional consulting services, striving for a goal to successfully deliver a wide range of projects.

Project Field

  • Water Resource@Management

    Based on the concept of Integrated Water Resources Management, we support the project formulation for water resources management and development on the bases of state and river basin. We are also striving for Grant Aid projects as well as PPP projects in the area of water supply.

  • Disater Management

    In consideration of natural conditions, socio-economic state and regional development programs in the target area, we put forward a proposal on countermeasures effective for disaster risk mitigation and management, including an appropriate allocation between the structural measures against natural disasters and the non-structural measures for damage determent and mitigation.

  • Roads, Bridges and Traffic

    We provide extensive consulting services including formulation of master plans, feasibility studies, designing, construction supervision, operation & maintenance and others in the sector of roads, bridges and traffic. We also put a great deal of effort in the projects for capacity development and ITS.

  • Environment

    Environmental management is a pivotal factor for sustainable development. Our areas of specialty in the environment sector include water quality management, solid waste management, ecological conservation, sewerage treatment and so on.

  • Social Development

    We support empowerment of societies, aiming for the realization of sustainable development, together with local engineers. As partners of our clients and those concerned, we strive for capacity development, using the methods of PCM, PRA, PLA and others.

  • Water Supply

    Water is indispensable for human life. We provide engineering services for planning, designing and construction supervision of infrastructure in the sector of rural and urban water supply. We also contribute to human resources development in connection with a countermeasure against non-revenue water, through the capacity development projects, for local officials of the public corporations concerned.

  • Sewerage and Drainage

    CTI group enjoys the best achievement and the most sophisticated expertise in the sector of sewerage and drainage in Japan. We put forward project planning from the multidisciplinary view in accordance with the circumstances of each country considering the environmental impacts, and support our clients in implementation of the relevant projects.

  • Energy

    We provide engineering services, as our new engineering sector, for planning of power development and electricity system analysis required for feasibility studies of the installation of transmission lines associated with the construction of water and thermal power stations as well as the reinforcement of transmission networks.

Project Area

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