We support the developing counties, as their partner, for their Sustainable Development.
To cope with difficulties and problems that the developing countries are burdened with, we deliver professional consulting services to lead to their gsustainable developmenth, not only by one surface approach but also taking a comprehensive, panoramic view on projects.
We believe that Project Spiral Cycle, or a consecutive chain of projects, is indispensable for future development, and we provide high-quality assistance for improvement of living conditions and conservation of natural environment in every stage of the cycle.

Sustainable Development


  • Preliminarily find and propose potential projects for socioeconomic development and environmental improvement in the developing countries; and
  • Participate in international conferences and other relevant international activities to promote comprehensive assistance for the developing countries.

2Planning and Designing

  • Formulate master plans and conduct feasibility studies on socioeconomic development and environmental improvement plans; and
  • Undertake preliminary and detailed designs on proposed project facilities.


  • Support international biddings for construction and installation of project facilities to the governments of developing countries; and
  • Supervise quality of projects, progress of project works, disbursement of project cost and claims from contractors.

4Operation and Maintenance

  • Check operational and management conditions of projects completed in the developing countries; and
  • Conduct technical assistance on sustainable operation, maintenance and management of projects.

5Assessment and Evaluation

  • Monitor and evaluate efficiencies and/or problems of projects completed in the developing countries;
  • Assess necessities of post assistant programs ; and
  • Prepare technical guidelines for post-assistant programs.